Sunday, January 10, 2010

Where did December go???

I keep thinking that I will quickly post all the random things that happened to us and that we did for December but then life just gets in the way. So here are some pictures and some quick notes on our really busy really wierd December.
The craziest part was how it all worked it self out and we and everyone got along. We had a car crash, a flood, a flat tire, broken dishwasher, civil war party, elder's quorm party, birthday party, lots of basketball games, lots of basketball practices, meetings, I subbed,daddy worked, meggie babysat, I worked at the gym, mitchie babysat, we played with cousins, krissy babysat, made gingerbread houses, wrapped presents for each other, the list goes on and on and on.
I took a picture everyday this month documenting the cold weather, the drama, and the fun.

Us having fun at our Grandparents house. Just playing, eating, and hanging out.

Here are the kids Christmas morning waiting to come downstairs and see if they were naughty or nice! They were pretty good this year but Mary worried that she may have been a bit too whiney and might not get anything.

On Christmas Eve Krista and I took the kids to a service at the Bethlehem Luthern church. The kids thought it was pretty cool that they could clap after the songs and that they had real candles to hold. Krista and I had a lot of wax on us.

Mitchell took doughnuts to school for his birhtday.

Dad had friends over for the civil war game. The kids really got into it. This was the year Max changed into a duck fan!

This is our Grizzwald tree that was so big it almost didn't fit into the truck and we had to really cut it down before it could be set up without falling.

We went to zoo lights for Mitchell's birthday. It was freaking cold but really fun.

Mitch always prays for snow on his birthday and it always works. The girls played in the snow for about 10 min and then had to come take a bath to warm up.

The fender bender I had. Mitch was eating top ramen at the time it happened and I still keep finding noodles in the van, in my purse, and in really wierd places.

We spent many nights at the high school for basketball games. The kids love the hallway and the concession stand. I keep hoping they will want to come in and watch the game.

This is me attempting to make them watch part of a game. Sam looks like it is literally painful for him to watch Megan play!

Below is one of the fun things they get to do with daddy.

Assessing the damage that the broken sprinkler caused...yikes this was one big mess!