Saturday, August 30, 2008

Summer Highlights

We began the summer with a trip to Disneyland and California Adventure, then got on the cruise ship and headed to the Mexican Riviera! We made it to Cabo, Mazatlan, and Puerto Vallarta. The kids were able to play with dolphins and lots of other fun things.

Then we got home and went to our family reunion for the weekend of the 4th of July!

After the reunion the boys both had Day camp. Grandpa and I were volunteers for a day that week and it was a blast. I am so happy that my boys get along with each other.

Then Megan was off to basketball camp.

Our next adventure of the summer happened the day Megan got home from camp. We went to the Ward Campout and Grandpa Lynn came with us. Dad was the MC and put together a great little program about the pioneers. Curtis Updike may have been a little too happy when it was you can see from the big kiss he planted on Josh's cheek.

The next week Megan left to go to China. She stayed with our good friends David and Judy Chen. While she was there she learned a little about the language, a lot aobut the culture, and made some very good friends. She was able to work in David's office and had a lot of fun.

That was the same week we took our little piggy Earl to the Washington County Fair. It was Mitch's first year at fair and we learned so much. Wow! We are doing things way different next year. It was a blast. Mitch worked really hard and our good friend Lorretta let us put a tent up next to her trailer so we could be there to do barn duty and take care of Earl. Saying good bye to earl was much harder for Mitch than we expected it to be. He shed a lot of tears, but still wants to raise a pig next year for fair again. Max raised a pig and she went away 2 weeks ago. He hasn't asked any questions...

Let's see that takes us up to August. Ok this is so long. Sorry about all the details. I am going to leave it here for now and maybe tomorrow or Monday I can put in the pictures and details from August. I really can't believe how quick the summer went. I am going thru closets and dressers getting school clothes and supplies ready for next week and it boggles my mind that the kids are going back to school already.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Family Reunion 2008

I wanted to post highlights of our summer, but we have done soooooo much. Then I thought I would break it down into months and do June, July, August....Then I realized that I have too many things to get done every day so I will just post when I can and whatever it is I will be happy with. I hate reality!!!
In June we had a fun trip to Disneyland and then went on a Disney Cruise. On the trip home our flight was canceled and the kids and I made it home from LA in a little over 18 hours. However, Josh was not so lucky. He got bumped and then kicked to the curb and landed in a hotel (thanks to United) and made it home the next day. Poor guy...he could have driven home quicker than it took him to fly.
When we got home we did some laundry and some quick chores around the house and then went on a family reunion to a fun little place just 20 minutes west of our house. I forgot the name!! I hate getting old. Everyone had a great time. It was very low key! On the 4th some of us went to Seaside to play in the sand and let off some fireworks. This was a fun weekend with frisbee, whistle making with Uncle Brian, crafts with Grandma, we made a new tree swing, did some rafting, and just hung out. I have to say it was a "10" as far as reunions go. I think the best was that it didn't cost a lot of money!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Megan Is Home

I am so happy! I went on line Sunday night to check out her flight status and couldn't find it anywhere...I started to worry...and then panic. But I knew that she was in good hands and David would make sure she was safe.
When I woke up Monday morning she was on a flight heading to LA and made it home last night. It was a relief to see her and everyone was so happy that she is back here with us. She looks beautiful as ever. I didn't get any pictures yet but I will today and post them. We had pizza and mock pina coladas at Mike and Krissy's house. We got to see Jim and Chris and Donnette and her sweet boys. It was the best FHE so far this summer! I am so thankful Heavenly Father was watching over my Meg and got her back to us safely!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Goofy Kids...Goofy Family!

These pictures were taken at the beginning of the summer. We started the summer off on a Disney Cruise with our good friends...The Zauggs. We had a blast! I would do it again in a heartbeat. I love that they can cater to a family with a teenager and a preschooler and then all ages in between. It was a great start to a great summer. I will post more pictures highlighting what we have been up to and what crazy things are going on around our house. I really can't believe how fast summer has gone!