Friday, May 13, 2011

Life around our house

I can't believe how long it has been since I put anything on my blog. I really kind of forgot I had it. Josh is off with the boys in Tillamook tonight and tomorrow. Megan is working and then off to the Hilger's to meet Amelia. She will be leaving to go to BYU-H in September and we will all miss her very much. Miss Mary and Izzy are running around outside being happy and enjoying each other's company. They are always busy and love to be together.
I think we have all had birthdays since I last posted, Megan started college at PCC, the boys played football and basketball, Mary played soccer, and right now we are gearing up for 4H. We lost our dog Sally (she got hit by a car) but we gained a new kitty named Cali. It's short for California and she is a frisky one. Max has begun selling eggs. He keeps working on different ways to advertise and I keep telling him when he gets organized with school work I will help him, but today he told me that will take way too long and he really needs my help now because he already has customers.
Josh is loving having his own company... mostly because he can sneak away and go fishing when he wants without having to ask permission. I am subbing, tutoring, and working at 24 hour fitness a few nights a week if I don't have meetings for church or school. Life is very busy and also very good. I just feel so blessed!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Megan's Graduation

My baby graduated and is all grown up...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Detroit Lake

We had a blast this last weekend camping at Detroit Lake. I got to watch my kids play, listen to them laugh, spend time with friends, play, read, relax,the list goes on and on. I just wanted to post some pictures and share my very happy weekend!

Friday, March 5, 2010

No Parking Tow Away Zone...You Moron!

I keep waiting for something really good or exciting to happen so I can blog about it but I am beginning to think that I just have to find the good in some of the crap.

In the middle of February Josh was not on my good list. In an attempt to win me over he had grand plans for our Friday night. He lined up Ben and Stacey to eat with us at Red Robin and he even printed off a coupon for dinner and if you know Josh he never does coupons so this meant he was trying! I was working at the gym until 7 so I brought the kids into town with me. He came to the gym got the kids and traded me cars. He took all the pop cans in the van so I wouldn't have to, unloaded all the Goodwill for me and then went to go get us a table.

I came out of the gym at 7:00 and walked thru the parking lot pushing the clicker and looking for the truck. I called Josh asking him where he had parked. Went to the spot it should be only to find the sign posted saying NO PARKING!!!

I called to confirm that they had the truck. I was too mad to go back inside and ask for help so I just started walking to the closest bus stop. Missed the bus so I kept walking and figured I would get to the next stop just in time. Got there. Sat next to a teenager that told me how the whole city bus program works. While she was educating me a car was rear ended right in front of us.

I feel so bad for admitting this but I was so irritated that they would break down right in front of the bus stop and make MY day worse. I guess I know now where Mary gets it from.

Because of the accident the bus kept going so I kept walking to the next stop and the next stop and yes one more stop after that. When I finally got to 198th and realized I had to get to 170th I figured it was time to call for help but my cell phone battery died.

The bus finally came...I got in and put all my coins in. I had counted it out way back when I was sitting with the teenager but it only came up to $1.30 and the very angry bus driver let me know that I needed $2.00 at this point I just started to cry. I was throwing every piece of anything at the bottom of purse into the pot so I could sit down and cry in peace. I stuck paperclips and Chuck E Cheese tokens in there and finally got it up to $2 bucks. Sweet people from the back of the bus were hollering up to me asking if I needed a buck or two. I politely said no between sobs and then went to a spot and prayed the lights would dim!!!

In the midst of tears a sweet man put a $10 dollar bill in my purse.

When I got to my stop, I left walked to the tow place got my truck for $299!!! And then went to Red Robin to find my family. When I got there the Wolfe's were there with my children and Josh was off looking for me somewhere on TV HWY.

Ok...I have blogged!!! It's not pretty but it's my life. Maybe next I will let you know about evidence of my below par parenting or the flood of "09 nightmare. Stay tuned!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Where did December go???

I keep thinking that I will quickly post all the random things that happened to us and that we did for December but then life just gets in the way. So here are some pictures and some quick notes on our really busy really wierd December.
The craziest part was how it all worked it self out and we and everyone got along. We had a car crash, a flood, a flat tire, broken dishwasher, civil war party, elder's quorm party, birthday party, lots of basketball games, lots of basketball practices, meetings, I subbed,daddy worked, meggie babysat, I worked at the gym, mitchie babysat, we played with cousins, krissy babysat, made gingerbread houses, wrapped presents for each other, the list goes on and on and on.
I took a picture everyday this month documenting the cold weather, the drama, and the fun.

Us having fun at our Grandparents house. Just playing, eating, and hanging out.

Here are the kids Christmas morning waiting to come downstairs and see if they were naughty or nice! They were pretty good this year but Mary worried that she may have been a bit too whiney and might not get anything.

On Christmas Eve Krista and I took the kids to a service at the Bethlehem Luthern church. The kids thought it was pretty cool that they could clap after the songs and that they had real candles to hold. Krista and I had a lot of wax on us.

Mitchell took doughnuts to school for his birhtday.

Dad had friends over for the civil war game. The kids really got into it. This was the year Max changed into a duck fan!

This is our Grizzwald tree that was so big it almost didn't fit into the truck and we had to really cut it down before it could be set up without falling.

We went to zoo lights for Mitchell's birthday. It was freaking cold but really fun.

Mitch always prays for snow on his birthday and it always works. The girls played in the snow for about 10 min and then had to come take a bath to warm up.

The fender bender I had. Mitch was eating top ramen at the time it happened and I still keep finding noodles in the van, in my purse, and in really wierd places.

We spent many nights at the high school for basketball games. The kids love the hallway and the concession stand. I keep hoping they will want to come in and watch the game.

This is me attempting to make them watch part of a game. Sam looks like it is literally painful for him to watch Megan play!

Below is one of the fun things they get to do with daddy.

Assessing the damage that the broken sprinkler caused...yikes this was one big mess!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Free Digital Class

I was really excited to see that this class will be free. I can't wait to sign up for it. I love Jessica's classes they are always full of great techniques and cool freebies.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Saturday Morning

Here is the whole group. I wish everyone could have been here but with missions and work it wasn't meant to be.

Two sisters

The two that started it all...

We met at Dawson Creek for photos and they turned out great! It was fun to see everyone dressed up and looking their best. I am still getting the family shots together hopefully I will get those posted today.