Wednesday, July 22, 2009

14 Years Ago

Last week Josh and I celebrated our 14th anniversary. I subbed in Beaverton and after work we met at Olive Garden for dinner. It was nice! I love that we still have stuff to talk about. I guess with 4 kids we will always have stuff to talk about:) After dinner we started to head home and then got the idea the Megan could take all the kids to the church for scouts and we could go home to a quiet house. It might sound boring to everyone else but we were really excited about a night at home alone. In fact we liked the idea so much we hid out at Dairy Queen until she passed by us in the van. Once we knew the coast was clear we came home and just hung out. It was a very nice uneventful anniversary! And it was pretty fun hiding out in the parking lot being sneaky.

Monday, July 20, 2009


I just got done putting these pictures of Megan together. I think she is so beautiful!!! I can't believe how grown up she is and still how sweet she is with her family. I feel very fortunate that she still loves being with us and still plays with her brothers and Mary. Last night they all slept in the backyard in a tent and then this morning she took them all to open gym to play some basketball. I feel very blessed to have her as a daughter!