Friday, March 5, 2010

No Parking Tow Away Zone...You Moron!

I keep waiting for something really good or exciting to happen so I can blog about it but I am beginning to think that I just have to find the good in some of the crap.

In the middle of February Josh was not on my good list. In an attempt to win me over he had grand plans for our Friday night. He lined up Ben and Stacey to eat with us at Red Robin and he even printed off a coupon for dinner and if you know Josh he never does coupons so this meant he was trying! I was working at the gym until 7 so I brought the kids into town with me. He came to the gym got the kids and traded me cars. He took all the pop cans in the van so I wouldn't have to, unloaded all the Goodwill for me and then went to go get us a table.

I came out of the gym at 7:00 and walked thru the parking lot pushing the clicker and looking for the truck. I called Josh asking him where he had parked. Went to the spot it should be only to find the sign posted saying NO PARKING!!!

I called to confirm that they had the truck. I was too mad to go back inside and ask for help so I just started walking to the closest bus stop. Missed the bus so I kept walking and figured I would get to the next stop just in time. Got there. Sat next to a teenager that told me how the whole city bus program works. While she was educating me a car was rear ended right in front of us.

I feel so bad for admitting this but I was so irritated that they would break down right in front of the bus stop and make MY day worse. I guess I know now where Mary gets it from.

Because of the accident the bus kept going so I kept walking to the next stop and the next stop and yes one more stop after that. When I finally got to 198th and realized I had to get to 170th I figured it was time to call for help but my cell phone battery died.

The bus finally came...I got in and put all my coins in. I had counted it out way back when I was sitting with the teenager but it only came up to $1.30 and the very angry bus driver let me know that I needed $2.00 at this point I just started to cry. I was throwing every piece of anything at the bottom of purse into the pot so I could sit down and cry in peace. I stuck paperclips and Chuck E Cheese tokens in there and finally got it up to $2 bucks. Sweet people from the back of the bus were hollering up to me asking if I needed a buck or two. I politely said no between sobs and then went to a spot and prayed the lights would dim!!!

In the midst of tears a sweet man put a $10 dollar bill in my purse.

When I got to my stop, I left walked to the tow place got my truck for $299!!! And then went to Red Robin to find my family. When I got there the Wolfe's were there with my children and Josh was off looking for me somewhere on TV HWY.

Ok...I have blogged!!! It's not pretty but it's my life. Maybe next I will let you know about evidence of my below par parenting or the flood of "09 nightmare. Stay tuned!


Loralee and the gang... said...

It's cathatic, right? (cathartic adj 1: emotionally purging [syn: psychotherapeutic] 2: emotionally purging (of e.g. art) [syn: releasing] 3: strongly laxative [syn:)
...any one of those definitions works, right? especially the last one...
Seriously, I am so sorry you had such a bad day. You don't derserve that. But thanks for sharing, because we all have crap like that happen from time to time...looking forward to hearing about your parenting (you ARE a good mom, but everyone has bad days!) and the details of your flood. Really, it's good to get it off your chest!

Michelle said...

All I can say is CRAP! I'm frustrated FOR YOU! I feel your pain and frustration and I'm so sorry!

Janessa Couch said...

Wow, how frustrating. I hope that your streak of bad luck goes away real soon!

Rachel said...

Oh I would have cried bucket loads! Please use your change to call me next time and I will pick you up! You should never have to go through that again. I mean it!

Laura said...

You totally made me laugh out loud... not at you...just how amazing that SO many horrible things happened to you in one evening. I LOVE that someone gave you $10. I hope I would be kind to do something like that for someone crying on a bus. I'm so glad you wrote about it on your blog because some day you might laugh about it, too!